Christopher carefully conducts lengthy naval campaigns with battling toy boats in his bath. One evening while splashing about for far too long, he shrinks and slips down the drain into a world where houses are made of bubbles and the mean Sludge King rules. Christopher must find his way back to Cleanland or be imprisoned by the Sludge King forever.

Bathtub Battlefield

Katy is delightfully witty, extraordinarily kind, and decidedly brilliant.  However, young lady Katy has one unmistakably unladylike habit.

She loves blowing bubblegum bubbles.

Illustrated by Lori Hanson

Teacher’s Guide Coming Soon

Caroline has no patience for her silly younger brother Benjamin, but when he gets stuck in a pop-up book she must rescue him before Mom discovers he’s missing.

Illustrated by Cynthia Ferrer

Pop Up Princess

Winsome, the Kitty Pirate, wants a pillow of his very own so he embarks on a quest for the softest, mostest fluffiest pillow in the land.

Pillow Pirate

A family of storytellers delights with tales for early readers.

Characters created by Tom Mead

The Gribbles

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